Friday, September 30, 2005

30th September

More than a month past. Time I started to pen (or keyboard) something down. It's a friday and I had gone out for lunch, as per the customary practice. I had a good buffet lunch at Chennai Woodlands, with Bisibela bath and Kovakai. Reminded me of amma's great cooking back in India.
Our topic of discussion was the Indian gods, and I was saying that I like lord Krishna better than Rama. Rama was too Idealistic for my taste. And I can never get around to forgiving him for his "so called duty" of testing/ Banishng his wife when he felt like it. It sounded too chauvinistic, and was therefore (I Guess) cherished by our Junta. Obviously, none of the desis there shared my feelings on the topic.
Then our conversation moved on to Harry potter; and there came the inevitable comment; "It's a children's book!"
As always, this kind of comment comes from someone who has not read one book of Harry Potter in his entirity. People always express their opinions very strongly when they have no idea about the subject. I challenge one of those "children's book" opinion holders to read the 6 books and then give me the same verdict!!
Another thing to note, some of the best works in Literature have been children's books. To date my favourite books like Heidi, Alice in Wonderland and Dickens' David copperfield were written with children in mind, but they retain their classic appeal among childen and adults alike after all these years!!
Speaking of books, I bought the Chronicles of Narnia (A major motion picture for the holiday season). Must see if matches Hogwart's Standards!!

- Mithra