Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New York

It's been a fabulous two weeks here.. in the city that never sleeps. I continue to be fascinated by its speed and style even now. The skyscrapers are awe inspiring (I love gazing upwards to the tops); The shops on 5th avenue even more so; Like for every other tourist, the neon glow of the Times square appears like a seventh heaven of sorts; Broadway seems like mecca.. A place to make weekly pilgrimages to..

I have seen Chicago & Tarzan already and I loved both the shows. Chicago, like the movie was scandalous, sexy and sultry. Tarzan on the other hand was sweet and soft. Disney excelled in the light effects, and the artists certianly did a wonderful job, managing to dangle upside down on their ropes while singing the songs of Phil Collins in the best tones. The lead actor & the actess were decidely cute; I bet every kid in the room loved the show. The lightning & storm scenes were realistic enough to make them scream.

Lower Manhattan has its own charm, with a business inspiring everything in the area including fashion; Takeout stalls for bagels & coffee & newsstands abound, streets get crowded during lunchtime.. every one looks perky and polished in the sharp clothing. The water taxi ride to Jersey can be choppy and enjoyable, offering scenic vistas over to Liberty & Ellis.

I can rant on & on.. but let me keep the rest for future sessions of blogging!

In short, I heart New York, as do countless others. Boston will always be home, but New York rocks !

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Saw my first Broadway show ( At Broadway I mean, don't count the Lion king at Boston).. Chicago... Enjoyed it more than the movie. The performers were enticing, seductive and wonderful singers. I loved the person who played Amos Hart. Billy was too good, and so was Welma & Rosie.. I was razzle dazzled; to say the least!

There are the other shows that I definitely want to see, Tarzan, Mamma mia , Beauty & the Beast , Three days of rain starring Julia Robers to name a few.. Lets see how many I make..