Monday, February 27, 2006

One night near ground zero

The day before yesterday, I had gone to New York City for a second round interview. The
company graciously put me up at the millenium Hilton. The hotel is on church street, right
opposite ground zero.
I felt quite like a celebrity walking in to the hotel and having a valet carry up my weightless
bag (It just had a blazer inside), but quite lost that feeling after I had to give him a very
hefty tip for something I could have very easily done myself.
The room was gorgeous. The bath even more so; I did fill up the tub with several ingredients
and had a nice luxury bath.

The windows revealed a view of ground zero. It has been 4 years, but the spot is still vacant
and gaping, a free area in Downtown Manhattan. The view does not tell much; It looks like any
other plot with some basic foundation work going on; But the place has several stories to tell;
none of them happy. The fence surrounding the plot has a few pictures, there are flags inside, the
whole area looks dismal and lonely. Even the buildings around which were built up from the remains
show the carnage;

It made me wonder why people love power so much over peace. It simply does not make sense, all
that reckless killing, no matter who tries to justify it. I was quite restless all night, maybe
because the souls over there were restless too. The Hilton must have had one of Lower Manhattan's
best views once upon a time, but then time alters all... even views.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Some nice pictures of my school, courtesy of my friend Sandy