Tuesday, May 29, 2007


When we age, it does happen quite fast. The days fly by so quickly and before you realize it, another year has gone by and another birthday approaches. It is quite hard to digest the fact that a sweet sixteen was a long time ago, more so because of the responsibilities that people expect you to take over automatically, once you reach a certain age. These days, I can sense the pauses in conversation, as I don't want to talk about certain things. They are better left unsaid.

The city is becoming hotter. I remember this time last year, when I walked down Newbury steet with my friends, as we tried some of the fabulous culinary choices around the area. It was a carefree time, a life that I still yearn for. Somehow, things dont' feel the same anymore. New York, once so fascinating has now become routine. There are like, exactly seven places that I visit day and again. Yet, it does not have the same tranquil vibe as the Christian science center in Boston. A walk around the reflection pool was enough to pick up my spirits, any day.

The weekend was so much fun. My friends helped bring New York to life, and I struggled at one AM to keep my eyes open to enjoy the poker game that I kept cribbing about (well, thats' just me). Time flies so fast when you have company. I wish I could accumulate my days off and just enjoy them together with friends, rather than have restless weekend after weekend. I guess that it is not in my hands, like so many other things. Had they been, would it make things better? Or is the grass greener by the muddy bank? I wonder..

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another weekend

Has arrived and is almost over. I remember a time when Sunday nights would make me gloomy at the prospect of a long week ahead, after all those movie nights and game-filled days. These days the gloom is gone. So is the thrill on a Friday morning, over a highly anticipated weekend.

Of Course, Saturday mornings are always good, meaning that I can roll out of bed as late as possible and quietly sip a cup of coffee for a good half hour. But after that, is when I get restless. It is a new feeling, alien to me, something that I knew not when I was surrounded by friends.Somehow, in Boston, even a trip to the pharmacy or the grocer was fun. I loved my solo walk and back to the whole foods around the corner, now it seems rather like a mundane chore. I wonder why?

This Saturday was a lot of fun, as I spent it with my friends & their parents.. An otherwise long day became short thanks to the delightful company and interesting conversation...

I have gone back to my books, thanks to the graduation present I got from my friends. "Rebbecca" by Daphne Du Maurier.. This book was reminiscent of Jane Eyre, yet there was a mystique added to the well told story, a very English feel. Manderley remains in your mind long after you turn the last page. You are also left wondering about the elusive Rebbecca..

I am now reading "The Memory Keepers Daughter". It is extremely poignant and touching, bringing to your attention the joy and agony of parenting. To each of us, our offspring is simply the most precious.. Will you not want your precious child if she is not perfect? What if you were giving her up to protect another loved one? The book brings to life the truest of human feelings, loss, pain, regret, love... and redemption.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It was the perfect weekend for a happy graduation cermony. Boston, welcoming as always, was crisp & cold. I did shiver, but I loved it. Starting from the trip to the temple on saturday morning in Santosh's new car, a rushed run to to Matthews arena after a long search for unavailable parking, I and Sudan finally made it to the stands, where Natesh, Prabhu and Vikram were already all set. We made it to the stadium, filled with happy friends, proud parents & relatives. A very elating ceremony, one school song and the star spangled banner later, we were the proud graduates.

Holding the diploma (that I received two months ago in the post, by the way), I felt happy, yet a small corner of my heart was feeling the sadness at the change that had set into our lives. Our sights of Boston this time were filled with the certain knowledge that we were not going to be hading back there anytime soon, living that tranquil life, chatting over coffee at the local starbucks, with trips to the local Blockbuster. I have never been as attached to any place.. this kind of reminds me of what my friend Preetha wrote; Somehow I do not think it is the people alone that make a place so dear.. there may be a variety of factors. Of course, good company is very important but there is something about certain places.. the magic aura is infectious.

We had the best two nights of poker, movie nights (Spiderman, which did suck), long holiday-esque lunches, great company and laughter, lots and lots of it..

I have had my share of good times and bad times in Boston, but my mind recollects the good times much better..I hope I can say the same of future days to come..

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The world around me

Graduation day is fast approaching, and so is my enthusiasm rising.. I am looking forward to see dear Boston again, along with all of my friends; a chance to play yet another round of poker and giggle with friends..

Last weekend I saw a movie, "In the land of Women". My friend Jayshree was convinced that the movie basically sucked, but somehow I found that I enjoyed it. It was a simple but moving portrayal of a perfect looking family, good enough to put in a J. Crew catalogue, but still so dysfunctional. A stranger moves into the neighborhood, as he gets over a relationship that didn't quite make the name and to bond with his Grandma. Somehow, as we all know, it is a lot easier to talk about your deepest fears and insecurity with a relative stranger. Is it because you know it cannot hurt you or is it the other way around? You do not always say what you think to your loved ones, for fear of hurting their feelings.

Somehow all of us need that friend, someone to talk to, someone to confide with, someone who listens as we speak.. and for a mom of two stuck in a suburb, the stranger is of course the best companion. It was a very nice portrayal of a good friendship, not too many words, yet a lot said..

The weather is great these days.. the earliest shades of green are out, after the blossoms. It looks almost like a spray of green.. dandelions are everywhere and so are the tulips & hyacinth blossoms.. Spring is one of the prettiest seasons.. it does make the mind sing on your way to work..