Friday, June 29, 2007


Rules (aka Divya, kinda modified by me..)

1. Players start with 5 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 5 random facts.
3. Players should tag 5(I say 3) other people and notify them they have been tagged.

  1. I have a serious ADD (attention deficit disorder) when I'm watching a movie on my laptop. I simply have to look up the facts related to the movie in Wikipedia halfway through the movie. Actually, I'm at my blog in between a movie watching session, yet again..

  1. I love to clean, first thing in the morning. Even before I brush my teeth, I HAVE to sort out my shoe closet or sweep the floor (OK, I see you rolling your eyes!)

  1. I mute people out when 'I'm studying. In fact, I mute people out whenever I'm concentrating. I know they hate me for it, but I can't help it.

  1. My favorite snacks & foods include sun dried tomatoes, cheesy ravioli, more gourmet cheese, multi grain bread, bananas, mangoes, pasta, anything with lentils and microwaved cauliflower. Almost exactly half the list is good; and the other half to high in calorie content. sigh.

  1. I simply love shopping. Even when 'I'm not buying anything. Even at a grocery store. Even at a pharmacy. It's quite becoming the bane of my life.
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just a simple weekend

Was what I enjoyed (albeit the occasional boredom) for the past two days. The last weekend was quite a whirlwind, with the fun & frolic at six flags hurricane harbor followed by something that every Tamilian around the world must have done, the inevitable trip to the theatres to see the unmissable Shivaji. The movie was decent, probably its only fault being that it stuck to expectations to the T. Definitely over hyped, yet it was not a bad three hours. The "Thalaivar" did, as always do a good job. I found the sets very extravagant, and would have preferred a simple and sweet "Sahana.." on location. But the words captivated me far more than the surroundings. Say what you may, but a blonde & fair Rajnikanth is so not hot!!

Hurricane harbor ruined my carefully straightened hair, but it did bring back memories of a few amazing times in the pool. I was not one of those students who was good at sports, thanks to my klutzy ways and clumsiness on land. Swimming was the first sport that I felt (and still feel) graceful at; and I had some very happy moments in the water, with a few waves thrown in for our benefit. It did give us a great workout as well; we all felt it in our hamstrings that night.

I spent most of yesterday doing something that I like doing solo: shopping. Perhaps because of my complete patience at this activity, or due to the lack of it with my frustrated counterparts, I have always shopped alone. The several semi annual sales thrown in for good measure by the shops did but help burn a bigger hole in my wallet, forcing me to stay at home for most of the day today.

I picked up "The Queen" to watch before bedtime, as a bookend to a silent weekend. Based on the time of Mr. Blair's ascent to presidency and Princess Diana's' unfortunate death, the queen has intrigued me for the past fifteen minutes. A temporary hiatus, and I resume my movie watching...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quality time

It has been quite a while since I had the former with close family. The past two weeks just breezed by thanks to the company of my brother and Sister in Law. This was the first time I saw them after a timely two years since their wedding. As I was working at my co-op assignment during their wedding, I could but make a hassled week-long trip encompassing two days in an aeroplane; numerous events and parties which made it quite impossible to share but a few words with either of them.

I guess we were all satisfied at the end of two weeks of fun, tours, food and laughter. Normally known as a "quiet" person, I was surprised at the easy flow of conversation.

I think this is actually the first time that I got to spend time alone with my brother. When I was at school and he in Med school, we would meet a few weekends, yet we couldn't talk much thanks to the wide differences between us. We were quite the typical brother and sister, who had different kinds of friends and did very different things. Now that the gap has narrowed, it is easy to communicate.

The weather has been pretty good for this time of the year. Summer has officially begun. I do love the summertime for its icy frappes, cotton skirts and crowded streets. New York City somehow becomes a different place in the summertime. Suddenly there are more smiles. The subway station scorches and the relief on boarding the air conditioned trains is simply unbelievable. Then there's Sunday brunch and the cool museums.

I also love the beaches and the heat. Some of our most memorable vacations were at Cape cod and Maine. You can taste the salt in the crisp sea air, and hear the waves hit the beach as you walk down the sweet roads lined with beautiful cottages. You tend to enjoy something more only when you get very little of it. If anything, I always complained about the heat in India. The monsoon season is the best in the tropics, when you can smell the musty scent of the sand as the first rains hit the dry soil. On such days I would watch the rain from the veranda upstairs as I munched hot potato chips, freshly made by a loving mom. Oh those were simply the days.