Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another weekend

Has arrived and is almost over. I remember a time when Sunday nights would make me gloomy at the prospect of a long week ahead, after all those movie nights and game-filled days. These days the gloom is gone. So is the thrill on a Friday morning, over a highly anticipated weekend.

Of Course, Saturday mornings are always good, meaning that I can roll out of bed as late as possible and quietly sip a cup of coffee for a good half hour. But after that, is when I get restless. It is a new feeling, alien to me, something that I knew not when I was surrounded by friends.Somehow, in Boston, even a trip to the pharmacy or the grocer was fun. I loved my solo walk and back to the whole foods around the corner, now it seems rather like a mundane chore. I wonder why?

This Saturday was a lot of fun, as I spent it with my friends & their parents.. An otherwise long day became short thanks to the delightful company and interesting conversation...

I have gone back to my books, thanks to the graduation present I got from my friends. "Rebbecca" by Daphne Du Maurier.. This book was reminiscent of Jane Eyre, yet there was a mystique added to the well told story, a very English feel. Manderley remains in your mind long after you turn the last page. You are also left wondering about the elusive Rebbecca..

I am now reading "The Memory Keepers Daughter". It is extremely poignant and touching, bringing to your attention the joy and agony of parenting. To each of us, our offspring is simply the most precious.. Will you not want your precious child if she is not perfect? What if you were giving her up to protect another loved one? The book brings to life the truest of human feelings, loss, pain, regret, love... and redemption.


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Prashanth(MSP) said...

Memorial day parade all weekend and next week!

Divya Das said...

I guess even amidst the warmest of crowds.. we are all lonely in some way or the other; sometimes it hits u.. sometimes it doesnt!