Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Of Couture and more

Last weeked I dragged my friend to the Fashion show exhibit at the MFA. It showcased ten designers' looks for the season, the likes of Valentino,Chanel and Dior. I was mesmerized by what I saw. Most of my life, I have viewed poetry, painting and writing as art. The exhibit showcased a new dimension to high art. Most of the outfits took between 800 to 900 hours of work. It was beauty and more. Fashion is something that holds some appeal to all of us. It is a way of expression, like all art is. But It was really nice to see what goes into creating the perfect outfit. I was watching project runway, the reality show on DVD and quite frankly, I was taken in by what I saw.

These weeks I have become quite a movie buff, averaging 2-3 movies a week! There were the ones I loved (Deja-Vu, Babel), Liked (You, me and Dupree, Casino Royale) and hated (Rendu (Tamil)). It was fun to watch Casino.. as we have been playing a lot of poker recently and the game made total sense.

Two weeks ago, we had gone camping in RV's (or Caravans, as I knew them before) in the Rangeley lake region in western Maine. The barbeque and the bonfire were really fun and the campsite with the frozen lake did appeal to our inner serenity, but boy, was it cold! A part of the lake was frozen, but the ice was not thick enough to skate. But the Ice did not crack as we threw pebbles on it, and we had a lot of fun.

As the night dawned, we checked in to our two RVs'. I woke up at midnight, shivering. Then we realized the power was out in our RV. we lay there shivering, and at daybreak we went to get the ranger. It seemed that we had tripped the power, so he fixed it and got us coffee and doughnuts as a surprise! That did improve the scene a bit. So we had the coffee, and then I went back to blissful sleep, till we had to check out :-)

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