Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fitness freak..

Or at least something I have been aspiring to become, over my lunch breaks at work. Ever since I joined the Wellness exchange at work, the group classes encompassing Yoga, Pilates, boot camps, steps & cardio kickboxing have been lots of fun! The exercise does make me pretty hungry as I head back home in the evening, but it is totally worth it.

We are all obsessed with health & fitness in some way or other, be it the diet coke we substitute for our regular fizzy soda, or the extra spoon of oil that we avoid while cooking. We have our own reasons, that range from losing weight(duh) to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, like everyone else, I have tried the fad diets and the green teas. But now I am increasingly beginning to see that what matters is a healthy nutritious diet. So here are some of my tried & true observations:

* It's all about the calories. Eat what you like, but keep it under your daily requirement.

* Anything that is natural is good for you, even if it is not low fat. (Think milk, avocados, Bananas)

* Don't snack on an energy bar before hitting the Gym, that stuff is for the serious athletes. You will do just fine with a banana.

* Cut out the multiple servings of fluid calories (the second coffee with cream, soda,juice). If you must drink, go for herbal teas and diet soda(not regularly). Skip the fruit juice & opt for the fruit instead.

* Do not replace your favorite foods (potato chips etc.) with low calorie substitutes. It will not make you lose your cravings. Have a smaller portion instead.

* Lots of veggies, low on the carbs.

* Try different exercise routines everyday. If you are not a gym rat, try walking around your apartment for an hour.

The above pieces of advice are from me to my own self, as I struggle along with my fitness regime, just like you all do!


Agnel said...

Don't snack on an energy bar before hitting the Gym, that stuff is for the serious athletes. You will do just fine with a banana.

thats News!

Anonymous said...

Just jog hard in the morning and eat whatever you feel like. This is what I keep telling myself.

Mithra said...

Agnel, it's very true.. unless you plan on building serious muscle, an energy bar may actually add calories when you don't want them!

Zero, the jogging works great most of the time, if you can manage it in subzero temperatures or terrible traffic, as the case may be :).. of course the treadmill is sheltered from the above..

Agnel said...

If you feel like, add one more thing.

* Try to drink lotsa water and add a bit more salt this summer to your diet. It will help you from dehydrating. illena konjam kastam. ;o-)

Divya Das said...

hah!! reminds me of my efforts to lose those zillion pounds i put on during my stay in Boston... Am still trying to get back to being Divya from Chennai!!! :-)

iblog said...

:) thanks for the list ... I have to seriously start referring it.

Prashanth(MSP) said...

losing the rythm is another pitfall!