Friday, April 11, 2008

Random thoughts

It's tax season yet again, and I can't believe I'm filling my fourth years' tax return.. where did the days go? It seems like just yesterday, my first delighted look at Boston, the first few Malden days, tiny apartment rooms, student life littered with studies, outings and new friendships. A handful of people to call friends after the two and a half wonderful years. At which point did we all really connect? Was it over the cups of coffee, the walks through the alleys on the way to work shifts? weekends? over assignments in the library? Somewhere along the way to the riverbank watching the sailboats? It is tough to say. Life is delightful in the twists and turns that it abundantly supplies, there is little time to wonder about the road not taken and likewise.

Busy days at work, nights before the TV, visits to the gym time permitting, an evening walk with a friend.. it what life looks like these days; the slow change of the cold winter to a crisp spring.. dewdrops on grass blades and the first cherry blossoms and tulips catch my eye on my morning walk.. I wish I had more time to take it all in, and I resolve to wake up early over the weekend to get a closer glimpse, but somehow sleep invades, and the sun is pretty high up in the sky before I take a step outside. I am like Mark Twain's Tom however, and Saturday morning is always pure delight, be it early or late.

New york, New york, my home away from home, is also readily accessible, and I love the walks down the streets, especially the busy crossings where the road seems to extend to the horizon.
I plan meticulously on fridays, for a busy weekend with several options for self entertainment; and then end up executing exactly half of the plan. Yet the best weekends are the ones that spring surprises on you with no warning whatsoever. Will this be one of those weekends? I wonder..


Divya Das said...

why have u neglected the blog???!!!

Divya Das said...

start blogging!!