Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Memoirs of a geisha

I just completed reading the book. Quite an interesting read; The movie comes out on the 9th of Dec; Hope I can see it before I fly to India on the 10th. I loved the imagery. Zhang Ziyi looks really nice. I like "Mameha" too.

I saw the GoF a couple of weeks ago. It WAS the best Harry Potter movie shot so far, without doubt.

7 more days of co-op, and then off to India for a nice winter break!


dwainalexander5983720925 said...
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iblog said...

I heard its a great movie...but have not been able to catch it as yet. Did you watch Rang de Basanti?

Girish said...

Why is your blog titled 'Confessions of a dangerous mind'? I find that intriguing :) Why dangerous? You were a quiet person in college!

Zer0 said...

Well girish, she is quite dangerous as I realized quite lately.
Calling me names everytime she gets a chance and all.. {from the first time when she was kind enough to call me an 'aruntha vaalu' (which doesn't translate well at all, how much ever hard i try) in my rem book.} hmmm..

Mithra said...

Yes, "broken tail" is not 10% as good. And it's the mind that's dangerous, not my demeanor (Im i spelling it wrong? Prasanna would know)