Thursday, October 27, 2005


I dedicate this post to this universal relation. Yesterday I was wondering about the exact definition of this term, which we use so commonly in our everyday lives.

So what exactly is this friendship? Are all the people whom we know our “friends? Or is it bounded by some special limitations like “You can only refer to a person as a friend, if you have at least had two or more conversations with him/her? “

I multitask a lot, and I do different sets of activities with different set of friends. The person whom I shop with is not the person whom I see a movie with, or the person to whom I grumble to at the end of a bad day or the person with whom I fight for no reason at all.

Of course, I have friends with whom I do all of the above. I call them “best friends” – An elevated status of friendship.

But most often, we use the term friend to represent a person with whom we have shared one or more conversations. We may not anything more about the person except his name (say) and his apartment number, or the route he takes to work (If it coincides with yours), or the place where his dad works (It may be the same place where your dad works ;-) ). i.e. We just know the one/more details that makes us call them “friend”.

Should me have a more intimate term for people we know better (best friend, bestest friend) ; or do we find our relationships too complicated to categorize neatly into labeled boxes?

What do you people think?


Anonymous said...

is the term 'friend' used synonymously with 'acquaintance' these days?

To be more polite, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »