Thursday, March 23, 2006


Of French fries and the French!

I did not know that these thingies, the best vegetarian choice in any Burger King/ Mac D came from Belgium, and not France! The fries with 40 types of sauce on top made my day in Belgium, as well aas those lovely waffles with whipped cream & strawberries over the syrup. MMM.. It was a wonder that I didn't pack on the pounds, probably the walking took care of it.

We wandered on the streets of Brusells tasting Belgian chocolate, looking at the imposing parliament buildings, visiting the European Union Headquarters and searching the streets for the comic walls. Belgium is where Tintin was born, so its no wonder there are so many comic book shops & streets all around. I am an ardent fan, hence put my money down on a few of the glossy books.

It was rainy, but the European
paved streets were always welcoming. The people were akin to those in any big city though, fast paced, sometimes rude, belonging to different social classes. The European fashion sense was kinda missing though. Not many people spoke English, and thanks to my Spanish speaking friends, we found our way around.

We saw the stained glass windows, and moroccan beggars on the streets. We saw small cars & Byzantine looking buildings. We saw a small shard of the stained glass collage of Europe, and most of us liked it; even if we liked the peaceful canals of Amsterdam better!

Au Revoir!


iblog said...

Was this a part of Europe tour ? :) That will always be waiting for a dream to come true for me.

Mithra said...

Yes it was, I went to Amsterdam & Brusells; It was the same for me too :-)