Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Semester end

As the end of the semester approaches, I find myself caught admist zillions of lines of code; those 200 things to do, and the annoying
tax forms which i hate filling (as they seem to take almost all my money anyways). But there are those blissful moments in the middle
of a not so quiet night (as my roomies find this time bliss too!) when you just prop up cushions on your bed in your apartment watching
a nice movie or reading a book.
I have been watching a couple of movies, taking as much as a week to watch one.
I saw the fourty year old virgin, which was just a lower grade crass comedy flick with ten thousand four letter words thrown in for effect.
People find sex and the city vulgar, but I feel it is one of the best expressions of a woman's feelings in any kind of relationship. All four
of the girls are so different but yet so similar. You feel that you have a bit of each one of them in you, Carrries independance, Miranda's
practicality, Charlottes' romanticisms and Sams' brazen outside with the soft inside. Yes, it does have some of the scenes that give the show its name, but mostly it is simply as Samantha puts it, "a valentine to being single".
The second one is an arabic movie, "Weddinng in Gaillee, which is so far, so good.
For books, i have been "Goodwill hunting". The Goodwill stores sell used books for 75 cents per book. I usually pick up ten of these
paperbacks & then circulate it with my friends collection of books.
I read Bridget Jones diary, which was hilarious, and I have got one of Rohald Dahls books to follow. I love his illustrations.
These days, there is more of the "me time" and It is one of the things I love this country for: Your total freedom when it comes to anything you:-)


Girish said...

Wah! I envy your time in school! Wish I could get back to school again :-)

Mithra said...

I love school too, its' a lot of fun despite all the work