Sunday, October 01, 2006

Iceland day1

As the plane glided into the barren airport, in the not so wee hours of morning, we gazed in ave at the scenery.. or rather the lack of it. Minutes later we were on the highway, speeding towards Reykjavik.

Miles and miles of land.. not a tree in sight.. the sky glimmering in a bluish grey.

We looked up to see if we could catch a glimpse of the promised famous aurora, but it disappointed us.

The speeding bus approached the city. We caught a glimpse of a few trees. Slowly, the bus made its way up the main c
ity road, to hotels.
At every hotel, a couple of passengers would get off. The roads were paved with stones, making them fairy taleish.

The bus soon came to a halt outside our hotel, the hotel Scaljbreid. We checked in. Our breakfast package was for tomorrow. We decided to take a walk and get breakfast. Later we would head to the lagoon, as was advised by our hosts.

First view of Reykjavik
city. So compact, yet so peaceful and pretty. European. You could feel the vikings. This was Nordurland, quite the heart of it. We went down the road, to the "downtown area". Downtown had like three people walking around.

We found a c
afe. The coffee and pesto sandwich were delicious but pricey. We would soon figure out that everything in Reykjavik was.

We then found a tourism center. We gazed at the magazines, gathered some postcards and then decided to head to the harbour.

If you could picture an icy cold morning, with a dim light, motionless water and blue snow capped peaks in the horizon, that
was the harbour. We stood on the volcanic rock, and looked at the water, had some interesting conversation, clicked some pictures. We were the "tourists".

Then back to the hotel, but not to rest. We took the b
us to the lagoon. We had to transfer inbetween to another coach. The view was other-worldly.
Indeed the route to the lagoon is one of the most photographed.

Lagoon tales to follow..

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