Sunday, October 01, 2006

Iceland day 2

We arrived at the lagoon. As the bus came to a halt, we could see bluish side waters, and steam in a distance. The sign looked very much like a spa sign.

The side waters were blue.. a chalky blue. Kind of like the water in a swimming pool, except that there were no tiles underneath.

We went into the dre
ssing rooms, and ran shivering into the pool area. The water felt gorgeous. It was warm, hot in places. None of us wanted to get out. We reached under water to look at the sand. It was grainy and white. You could use it as an exfoliant. It is against the law to take it with you outside the pool, however.

Finally, reluctantly, we got out of the water and went to take a shower. My hair was ruined by the minerals, and I had to shower three times to defrizz it.

We were a bunch of sleepyheads, as we went back, but no, we did not go to sleep at once. We walked to the church instead.

Hallgrimskirkja church stands at the heart of Reykjavik. It is a classical example of Viking arhitecture. There is an imposing statue of Ericur the Red, who discovered Greenland at the front. Down there you feel nothing, but yourself, the spire and the skies.

Then we were all sleepy, and we went back to the room to catch a nap. We woke up and went to get an early dinner at a Icelandic restaurant in the city center.

The portions were small, yet extremely satisfying. I feasted on bean cake with a vegetable sauce. We engaged i
n quality conversation. It was intercultural and peaceful.

Then we took the walk back to the hotel, marking the end of a wonderful day at Iceland.

We would head to Keflavik airport the next day to go over to wonderful Kobenhavn.

The Scandinavian adventure continues..


Reshma said...

Hey Mithra, looks like a great place, show me more pics when we meet!

Anonymous said...

Picturesque :)