Sunday, October 07, 2007


So here you are, probably bemused by the color change, or you must have guessed by now.. This is October, the month of Halloween, the hallmark of a fall harvest, the time to make the trip to the mountains to view the lovely colors of fall in resplendent display, go pick apples as I have done time and again in the crisp New England air. October is also National Breast cancer awareness month, a month to take a few minutes to visit your physician for an examination if you are a woman like me, or to encourage someone you know to do it instead of being lazy.

Time magazine had its cover story dedicated to Breast cancer awareness this week, and it took me by surprise that one in every eight women will be diagnosed with Breast cancer this year. The full story can be viewed
It also stunned me to see that the highest incidence of cases was here in the US and the highest number of deaths due to breast cancer were in my home country. Yet, upon reflection, over the last few years, we have seen it happening several times to someone near and dear.

Cancer, unlike many other diseases cannot be totally prevented. Genetics do play an important factor, but its likelihood of occurrence or its potency can be reduced with a few simple measures:

1. Learning how to do a good examination, is very important. With the ubiquitousness of you tube and Google video that brings home several funny clips on demand, also comes the added advantage of seeing and leaning how to do an exam decently. If you haven't' already, do take the time check out the videos.

2. Get yourself an ashtray; a nice expensive crystal one. and extinguish that cigarette once and for all. Smoking is a known carcinogen. But well, if you are a smoker, heart disease is more likely to come and claim you in a New York Minute.

3. Lifestyle changes. A good balanced diet and a moderate amount of exercise will not only keep your arteries unclogged , but also help with other bonuses. Thirty extra minutes of walking five days a week can help in ways unimaginable.

A few simple steps can one day save you or a loved one. So do remember to schedule time in your calendar to make the trip to your doctor's office. Visit the official site for more information.

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Raaj said...

yeah.. have to catch hold of someone to go and pick apples ;-)

heard thats gr8 fun here.. back in india they will murder u if they catch u picking apples :-D