Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clearing up the Clutter..

For those who know me, you probably recognize that I love a sense of order, the list of tasks with checkboxes to mark off. My mind cannot function under clutter and chaos. This is probably why I took such a long break from blogging, in fact expressing my thoughts in any more than 140 words (the twitter word limit). There was simply a lot going on and my attention was diverted. It always takes time to put the shelves back in order.

I have been wanting to write down my reviews of books and food for a little while now even if I didn't really think about penning my thoughts. I revisited my blog today after perhaps 6-7 months. Like a person stumbling upon a lost house, I wandered through the pages, looking at my own thought progression from five years ago to now, and it pleased me to see what I had been thinking about. It felt like regaining a lost part of myself. I guess it motivated me enough to write again. Maybe I will look back at this someday, who knows!

I am a big dreamer. I live in a world of my own and think about it as I walk down the street. The people on the street probably think i'm nuts, but I do love my own company. I wonder if people dream this way as well...It would be nice to see if anyone does, though I wouldn't be too surprised if no one does.

I think I've identified my genre of books and movies. It is usually the biography. Exotic cultures add more pizzaz of course, which is probably why I'm curious about oriental stories and eastern tales. I am not much of a novel reader anymore though I grew up on several. I enjoy people's thoughts a lot. To be human is intriguing in itself, and that is what is driving my reading habit these days. Recommendations are always welcome!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mithra,
Long time. How've you been? Good to see someone resume blogging! Most people are so into Twitter these days. To say it all in 140 characters!


Mithra said...

Hi Srihari,

I've been pretty good. I guess a mix of too many things, writers' block & sheer laziness hit me and hence no writing!

How are you? any thing new?


Divya said...

Long time! Good you have resumed. :)