Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cheap Eats - Maoz Falafel

Various locations in the city, as well as in other states/countries

Strictly speaking, this is not a NYC only joint. But it is so tasty, that it deserves a post. This place is vegetarian only. For about $7, you get a sandwich pita with falafels inside, a side of sweet potato or plain fries and a drink. This is enough food for two people, trust me, but if you want more, pay a little extra and get some friend eggplant in your sandwich as well.

The falafel is not the best in town but the more interesting part is that you get to pick what goes in your falafel from the unlimited salad bar. They have carrots, beets, picked eggplant (yum), the yummiest broccoli florets and a multitude of others. Load up your sandwich and come back for refills! There are also around nine sauce toppings to add to the falafels. The Cilantro & tomato chutneys are wonderful and you can't go wrong with tahini on Falafel.

Another thing to try is the Sweet potato fries with the garlic sauce from the salad bar. This is my personal favorite. They have tea lemonade, but I found this to be too sour. Still the food is what counts!!


CF said...

Gotta try Mamoun's. It is delish, my favorite. CK can take you there for a long lunch ;) It's down by Washington Square park.

Mithra said...

Yea, I wasn't really impressed by the falafel itself at Maoz and I've heard so much about Mamoun's. I do need to go to lunch with CK :) we talked about it on the elevator, but I haven't had a chance to catch up with him yet!