Thursday, March 08, 2007

Code, Party, Cold and the like

I guess the title kinda sums it up. I have been doing a lot of the first, attended the second today and have been tolerating the third (if not yelling back at it) for a week. I went to Ikea last weekend with my friend Jayshree. It could only be described as a perfect day.. Shopping with a friend.. We spent five (yes five) hours at the store! It was chilly that day, but I have learned to like chilly thanks to Boston. But what came later; to say the least, was not pleasant stuff.

Later on Sunday, me and my friends went to this very good Indian restaurant (If they have masala dosa and mango ice cream on the buffet, then hell yeah, it's good). Then we wanted to check out Zodiac, but we went to Wild Hogs instead. It was silly, but funny.

Back to the work week, I guess the cold has given me the flu.. The illness sucks, but at least you eat less ;-)

Looking back to this time last year, in Amsterdam.. It was cold but we were too exited to notice. The canal tours, The Anne Frank house that I wanted to see since I was a little girl, and tours to places known and unknown..

Have you ever noticed that a perfect day is more perfect when you rethink it? It may have been but a run of the mill ordinary day, but the people that enriched it and the lights and the sounds make you want to hold on to it forever? If we only chose to rethink every day as a tranquil one, does it just require a strong mind and nothing else? Sure a day with friends beats everything, but sitting on sateen sheets and thinking of life and everything about it is not too bad either!

Company of course rocks, but spending time with your own self is not too bad either! As you are with someone whom you understand the most :)

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Divya Das said...

I agree.. sometime its very necessary to spend time with yourself..may be reading a book, listening to your fav tunes or watching your favorite movie for the Nth time... Thats fun!