Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A cup of Java, or hot chocolate maybe?

I am one of the several million coffee lovers in the world; the kind that takes great pain to buy an espresso machine and brew that perfect cup of coffee. And yes, I am one of the several Starbucks lovers who loves the smell of perfectly roasted coffee beans wafting up as you walk into the shop, the extremely pleasant ambiance where its' always great to chit chat over coffee with friends. Sometimes I just crave the caffeine, like many others do; but even then no bad coffee please!

The other Java is something I work with a lot, and get engrossed in :)

Today, I went to a sweet little chocolate shop called Leonidas, in the heart of the financial district. My colleague got a cup of coffee there on our way to an investment seminar. I love Belgian pralines (Cream filled delights), and I decided to come back to get some. On our way out, however I saw a sign advertising hot chocolate. I was intrigued. What better place to try hot chocolate than a chocolate shop?

On my way back home I decided to make a little stop. At $4, the drink was pricey, but it did come with a Belgian praline! and the store claimed that the hot chocolate was made from melted chocolate!

I walked out of the store, cup in hand, eager to taste that first sip, though it burnt my tongue. It was probably the best cup of chocolate I had ever had; a creamy delight straight from heaven! As I made my way back home, I contemplated several future visits....to my new found culinary crush!


Divya Das said...

I can't believe that the first time i landed in the US, i thought Dunkin sold the best hot chocolate!! Anyways I think I shud try this place you have mentioned here!

Mithra said...

I thought they made the best lattes! lol! Anyways you should really try this.. it's so awesome!

Reshma said...

oh yet another look for your blog :) . This one is even better than the last one!! whoaaa hot chocolate with even better taste sounds yummm.

Baejaar said...

I do second that - dunkins have got some good lattes. Though I wish I can get some good old Filter Coffee down here in NY. Somehow I feel that even the Nescafe is better than Starbucks but then everyone has got their own taste.