Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Power and Glory

Last weekend, I did something that several of my friends did as well.. I watched the movie 300. Despite the terrible New York times review, the movie was not "gorier than Apocalypto". I did enjoy it very much, along with a very enthused crowd, who applauded several times.

We are not even sure if the battle of Thermopylae happened as it was screened, and definitely there were no giant rhino like creatures involved, nor did King Xerxes have so many piercings, but the quest for power has been a true rage, right from those times.

We all long for power and recognition. Right from school where we compete for grades, or when we compete for that promotion, that chance to lead a project or make that acquisition. In days B.C. the quest for power was perhaps too straightforward.. it was decided on battlefields and courts of counsel and law. These days, it is anything but.

To be known, to be a someone for generations to come; to make use of this chance called life bestowed upon us.. is what would be wonderful. Sadly, not everyone of us can make it.. only when there are several stars, do we name one the brightest.. but to try we must, all we can.. in whatever ways we can..

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Divya Das said...

When people resort to jealousy and swindling to conquer and raise to power.. does the very meaning of "competition" get defeated!

Also the lack of good spirit to accept victory in the same way as defeat... can make the person a wreck!

The movie showed the "fighting till the last breath" spirit, which is infact applaud able!